Monday, January 30, 2017

Need More Space?

“need more 
asks sign
on my way 
home. the sign
is attached to a 
large (compared to 
me) building. i 
look up past the 
sign and the 
building and see winter 
stars, the blazing 
bottom half of the 
moon, the andromeda 
galaxy, and all the 
black between. it 
is interesting to me that 
in actuality almost 
all of the known 
universe is 
that we live 
on a planet with 
more sea than 
land, that 
even the atoms of 
your body and 
mine are more 
than matter, that i 
will spend more moments 
of my life without 
you than in your sweet 
presence. so no, we 
have plenty of 
dear sign. it
is the everything 
else that we need.

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