Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sonnet 1

You thought that I'd appreciate this cat
That every morning to my doorstep brings
A new-found treasure, left upon my mat:
Some rats and toads and other murdered things.
She sits behind the carcass looking proud
And thinking I'll reward her for her skill,
And as she licks her forepaws, mewing loud,
The house begins to stink of this ripe kill.
Well, that is how you drag to me your heart
And offer tawdry love like some bright jewel.
The value of our hearts is worlds apart.
If my love's bought with yours, I am a fool.
Come get your things (and cat) out of my house.
Your love is just another moulding mouse.


he goes down on her
she comes alive
fire in her loins
warmth crashing through her in waves
he is vibrant
draped in gold and magenta
and clouds
she reflects his energies back
they make each other beautiful
he plunges, sinks
with a slow and solid
his fire is everywhere
she groans
he lights up
a second behind
then still
he is enveloped in her
she pulls the blinds
leaving us in the dark
to wonder what happens
between now and morn


A new land discovered, food and spices, wild flowers and exotic beasts and dark cultures. But so many men stay in their ships, sailing from port to port, trying to find an empire of metals and jewels. Spend your life in endless pursuit, if pursuit is the thing you love most. Sail the seas, cut through jungles and everglades, but know before you set out that you'll never drink enough from any fountain to quench the thirst for youth. Those moments are now.

There are golden cities men spend their lives in search of. El Dorado, the gilt one, El Adorado, the loved one. I will be wise, search for a while, then find my golden city in the sunrise reflected off adobe walls. I'll find my perfect lover among the imperfect people around me and love that imperfect lover with a perfect love. I'll shine the golden light of my love onto austere earthy features, change the walls of that city into mirrors and doorways and beacons of solid gold.