Monday, October 20, 2014

These are a Hundred of My Favorite Things

Almost ten years ago I posted a list on my blog. It's my favorite thing in a hundred different categories. I started by coming up with the categories, then came back and filled in my favorites. I thought it would be interesting to see how much my tastes have changed over time. Since 2005 I have moved back to California, studied theater, traveled in Europe, left the LDS church, and learned to be honest with myself and others. So here are the results (Answers that have changed have the old answer in parentheses).

1: Classical Composer: Grieg
2: Muppet: Crazy Harry
3: Game Show: Jeopardy
4: Vegetable: Peppers (Corn)
5: Candy Bar: Orange Kit-Kats (Tropical Almond Joy)
6: Sitcom: Arrested Development (Seinfeld)
7: Movie: Gattaca
8: Food: Enchiladas (Twinkies)
9: Superhero: Green Arrow (The Confessor)
10: Number: 22
11: Color: Brown (Orange)
12: Foreign Country: France (Madagascar)
13: Band: The Barenaked Ladies
14: Smurf: Snappy
15: Burger:Anything with pineapple (Double Double, ksgr only)
16: Magazine: (Entertainment Weekly)
17: Book: The Poisonwood Bible (Through the Looking Glass)

18: Asian: Yunjin Kim (Margaret Cho)
19: Crime: Vandalism (Kidnapping)
20: Season: Autumn
21: Elvis Song: In the Ghetto
22: Musical Instrument: String Bass
23: Insect: Mantis
24: Spice Girl: Baby (Posh)
25: Provo Location: Provo River Trail (Vermillion Skies)
26: Stephen King Novel: The Stand
27: Restaurant: Mama Chu's (Chevy's)
28: Place: The Redwoods (Wooden Roller Coaster)
29: Gem: Orange Topaz
30: Famous Lesbian: Ellen Degeneres (Melissa Etheridge)
31: Video Game: Banjo Kazooie
32: Comic Strip: Calvin and Hobbes
33: Letter: R (Q)
34: Bird: Peacock
35: Natural Disaster: Volcanic Eruption
36: Mouse: Sneezer
37: Disease: Kuru
38: Political Party: Green (Libertarian)
39: Painting: The Lament For Icarus (Sistine Chapel)
40: American Novel: The Poisonwood Bible (Snow Falling on Cedars)
41: Musical: Les Miserables
42: Tree: Redwood
43: Baseball Team: A's
44: Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry Basil Sorbet (Swiss Orange Chip)
45: Landmark: Palace of Fine Arts (Golden Gate Bridge)
46: Merit Badge: Astronomy
47: Language: English
48: Dinosaur: Iguanodon
49: Disney Movie: Frozen (Hercules)
50: Spice: Cumin
51: TV Show: Louie (The X-Files)
52: Pet: Raccoon
53: Female Vocalist: Jewel
54: Continent: Europe (Africa)
55: Cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries
56: Fast Food: Chick-fil-A
57: Weather: Raining
58: Hair Care Product: Caffeinated Thickening Shampoo (Tea Tree Pomade)
59: President: Roosevelt (Lincoln)
60: Dr. Seuss Book: One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
61: Word: Zeugma
62: Sexual Position: Nothing fancy (Haha Just Kidding)
63: Old Person: Max Von Sydow (President Hinckley)
64: Harry Potter Character: Lupin
65: Weapon: Crossbow
66: Thing to Eat: Ice Cream (Porkypines)
67: Classic Rock Band: Kansas
68: Animal: Fossa
69: Fruit: Pomegranate
70: SNL Alum: Gilda Radner
71: Root Beer: IBC
72: Curse Word: Assclown (Bitch)
73: Flower: Poppy
74: Sport: Water Polo
75: Greek God: Hermes
76: Board Game: Trivial Pursuit
77: Beatles Song: Eleanor Rigby (Nowhere Man)
78: Hymn: How Great Thou Art
79: Jelly Belly: Juicy Pear
80: Punctuation Mark: Elipsis
81: Bone: Hyoid
82: Car: (Bicycle) Volkswagen Bug
83: Soup: French Onion
84: Black Person: George Washington Carver
85: Cologne: Drifter (Very Sexy)
86: Comedic Movie: The Hudsucker Proxy (Dumb and Dumber)
87: Card Game: Spades
88: Job: Storyteller (EFY Counselor)
89: Category So Far: This One
90: Holiday: Thanksgiving (Easter)
91: Marsupial: Tree Kangaroo (Wallaby)
92: Organ: Tongue
93: Football Player: Joe Montana
94: Jam: Raspberry
95: Appliance: Toasteroven
96: Fish: African Lungfish
97: Meat: Chicken (Chipped Beef)
98: Soda: Cucumber Soda (Hansen's Cherry Vanilla)
99: Tool: Monkey Wrench
100: Actress: Emma Stone (Catherine Zeta Jones)

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