Thursday, December 5, 2013


We walk through the night 
In darkness so black
No stars light the way
Or keep us on track

But way off ahead
We hear a clear voice
Of one who can see
And we then have a choice

To follow his counsel
And trust he can see
Or wander about
In the dark aimlessly

So for years upon years
I followed that call
I trusted that voice
In the dark above all

Placed foot before foot
Took pains with each stride
Walked on through the night
And I did so with pride

Until one strange moment
I felt a new grace
And something inspired me
To reach for my face

In that pivotal moment
I gasped when I found
That my eyes were constrained
With a blindfold around

I took off the cloth
And to my surprise
The night turned to day
It dazzled my eyes

All the things I had missed
The leaves on the trees
The delicate grace
Of clouds on the breeze

The colors of sky
When the sun hits the west
The beauties of sight
I could never have guessed

And off in the distance
I saw a small man
Bidding others to follow
Wherever they can

And even from here
When I looked I could tell
That over his eyes
Was a blindfold as well

So I turned toward the sun
Leaving darkness behind
And vowed that I never
Again would go blind

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