Monday, January 4, 2010

Mata Amritanandamayi

She set a goal to hug all of us
All god's children
Three million down
Crisscrossing the globe and
A slip
Four thousand more dead in Africa while she waited
For her fancy airplane
But here she is, villagers!
To hug the orphans of the deceased then
To Quebec or Denver or Pittsburgh
She'll sit on her dais and hug all who approach her
And to the hospitals and the jails and the foster homes!
Here, Have a hug and an apple and a rose petal and a Hershey's Kiss™
And a blessing from god and the fortitude and faith to deal with another day of abuse and cancer and rape.
They say she's a saint
She hears
She hugs
The gays and the abortion doctors and the beef eaters
ALL the dear sinners
She is so damn full of love
She could explode from hugs unhugged

How pissed I'ma be
To turn around one of these days
And there's a little shriveled raisin of a swami
Clamped onto my leg in holy huglock
Pressing her lined face against my hip and anointing me with the tears of the saints
Then leaving me,
Another tally mark,
Three million and one
Another notch in her belt,
A bead on her rosary.
A brick in her tower to heaven.

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