Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One Morning

One Morning

I peeled the sun and took a bite
And threw us into frozen night
So we could sneak around and play
(We never could by light of day)
Through static yards and neighborhoods
And into black inviting woods.

I grabbed the clouds and pulled the drain
To let out all the drippy rain
So I could hold your hand and run
Without the awful glare of sun
Through walls of rain so shiny wet
To wash our brain so we forget.

I took a deep breath just for fun
And blew the stars out one by one
So we could lie in solid black
With only dark beneath our back
Through years of brightest pain behind
But missing all because we’re blind.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I'll be honest, some of your poetry is a little beyond me but I really love this one.

Also, my favorite thing you've ever written is about how you love sadness and wonder if heaven will be only blinding light and happiness all the time. And then something about us being allowed to keep our imperfections and differences. It's not a poem, but it was VERY beautiful and maybe you can turn it into one. Or just post it again as is. Just a thought...